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    Thumbnail   horny4hotsex 

    Hey Nat, another awesome private with you. Thanks for making it so great.

    7 months ago
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    Thumbnail   timjhoward 

    Wow, very good fun, had a great time and will be back

    8 months ago
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    Thumbnail   Lazarus1 

    The cat will find you and when she did she will decide if you are ready ;) You will be great mum to cat and ... Love you muah

    9 months ago
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    Thumbnail   horny4hotsex 

    Nat, it was so great catching up with you. I like how you laugh and you make privates so much fun

    9 months ago
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    Thumbnail   SteveHard52 

    the most beautiful girl in this chat, realy. so nice and sexy, wow. thank you nat

    10 months ago
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    Thumbnail   crowleylawyer 

    nice tits

    11 months ago
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    Thumbnail   PJmtl11 

    will you be coming back?

    1 year ago
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    Thumbnail   DavidInCalif 


    1 year ago
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    Thumbnail   DavidInCalif 

    ~ Hey Angel, will you take me back as your friend? Even though years have passed and I promised so many things?
    I know that You and Me were never an option....but "YOU" and "ME" as great friends was always in our lives!!
    I abandoned that a long time ago, and am just saying now....YOU...are the Greatest!!!

    1 year ago
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    Thumbnail   DavidInCalif 

    ~ Sometimes there is a lady that you feel such love for that you are willing to block her memory out of your life ~
    It has been such a long time, but this lady will forever be in my Heart and a part of my life ~ She may not know
    this, however, as much as I come and go she is the only stable person that I know on this site ~ I have met her
    and left for so long....and come back, and left again for so long....Maybe this is not material for her wall, however,
    for her wall I will say that this....The man who is able to see this lady, and make her smile a genuine smile, and
    laugh with her like there is no tomorrow, is a man who has found an Angel on this Earth!! I say this with the best
    of intentions, and with the hopes that after many years she may allow me to come and smile and laugh with her

    Of course I can cheat with flying fish kisses!!!! Kiss You My Love and my forever Angel!!!

    1 year ago
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