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    Thumbnail   VelvetPanther 

    The Smell Of Eternity
    Is in the Air
    Her Eyes are moving
    Yet, Still is her hair

    She's sizing up the odds
    Of Life and Love
    Who is a snake
    and who is a Dove

    Her goals are Keen
    Her Determination Strong
    She'll make it up to Just
    Where she belongs

    The Big City calls
    She picks up the Phone
    It's sending a Limo
    Won't see her Alone


    She bides her time
    Believing in the word
    Of a True friend
    That has plans for her


    He won't leave her behind
    To face those odds


    But it will take time
    And Faith accrued
    To prove that his words
    Are not a crime

    So he plans
    And makes a way
    For her true wish
    To be displayed

    For all to see that
    Someone cared
    And wanted to be
    In her good Graces

    And for those that may try
    to rule her world,
    To them I say
    be warned now

    HE is with me
    and I will be victorious
    Do yourselves a favor and
    Let this one go where she wants.

    En el nombre de Patron de Cielo, por Amor dulce simepre, Amen.

    8 days ago
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    Thumbnail   doffen1981 

    huge kiss to u my love

    13 days ago
  • Thumbnail   CoryLou 

    Kiss you K !! :*

    13 days ago
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    Thumbnail   misterfreedom 

    The most smile and body i ever see, perfect woman

    16 days ago
  • Thumbnail   CoryLou 

    Thank you !! xo

    16 days ago
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    Thumbnail   nhtab5 

    did all i asked! loved it

    21 days ago
  • Thumbnail   CoryLou 

    Nice to hear :D thanks

    20 days ago
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    Thumbnail   BigStrongFin 

    I was really turned on by this girls looks and amazing body. It was really cool to notice that she is also smart, socially very skilfull. And she's able to have a conversation about anything.

    Money spent on something else than shooting jizz. But i take the blame for that. She just took part to my conversation. I regret not having her make me cum. I will cum for this sex goddes. she's a cocktease

    28 days ago
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    Thumbnail   SID12342 

    Just Gorgeous !! I love watching you and those Sexy Eyes:) See you soon :)

    1 month ago
  • Thumbnail   CoryLou 

    Thank you Sid !!! See you soon, kisses

    1 month ago
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  • cory
  • 26
  • 5'5" - 5'9"
  • 100-115lbs
  • Big
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  • Black
    Hair color:
  • Long
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  • Brown
    Eye color:
  • Athletic
  • White
  • female
  • Bisexual
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