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Welcome to Merediyth's Video Chat!

Merediyth's Bio Data

  • Meredith
  • 24
  • 5'0" - 5'4"
  • 100-115lbs
  • Normal
    Breast size:
  • Black
    Hair color:
  • Crew cut
    Hair length:
  • Green
    Eye color:
  • Petite
  • White
  • female
  • Bisexual
    Sexual preferences:
  • Languages:

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    Thumbnail   ogodhay 

    nice sweet seafood lover

    49 minutes ago
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    Thumbnail   JoeDarling 

    A beautiful warm sexy young lady. Any time spent with her wether in free chat of private is the highlight of the day. x

    14 days ago
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    Thumbnail   pacobell 


    16 days ago
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    Thumbnail   joeuser2 

    Let's see how articulate I can be.... um... What DarkKnight02 said. :)

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   DarkKnight02 

    A TRUE "GIFT OF HEAVEN" BROUGHT STRAIGHT TO EARTH...To Bless Us All With Her Gentle Heart and Sensuousness, everything any man would, could, should desire in his perfect lover and life partner. A voice so soft and angelic to soothe your soul, smouldering looks that could melt glaciers with a mere glance from those creamy emerald eyes, and a tight athletic body to melt one's loins while making hot, passionate love to this most precious young woman. She is the embodiment of purest sensuality and spending some quality time in her oasis of pleasures is just an amazing adventure to be blessed upon us all...if you gentlemen haven't availed yourself to Miss Merediyth, then you are surely missing out on an opportunity to share yourself with an really amazing young lady...treat her well...and you shall receive an experience that you will soon not regret or forget for that long as you give of yourself to her...and she will give back 100-fold...I am truly blessed to know her and have become her paramour and close friend, that I hold dearly close to my heart and soul...As I close this post, Dearest Mere...From The Bottom of my Heart To Yours...I Thank You 100 X's for giving me such a fabulous time that we share always...and till we meet again...I bid thee a very fond "Adieu"...Yours Always With Lots of Love and Unmatched Passions, Brad(DK02/03-21-14/04:40am-pst-USA[CA.]){{~~~}}MMMmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!!BIG HOT KISSES TO YOUR FABULOUS BODY AND MOST DELECTABLE TOES AND LUSCIOUS SOLES{{~~~}}...SLEEP WELL AND DREAM OF ME...WINK;) WINK;)-Brad{{Muahhh}}!!!!!

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   Tommy429 

    She's A+ GREAT!

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   richhippy 

    Perfect body with the most lovely pussy lips and very chatty

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   _Kuchiki_ 

    You are absolutle perfect! Thanks a lot for pvt

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   joeuser2 

    This is a lovely and remarkable lady... appreciate her.

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   dilldill 

    Great girl. Nice, smart, teriffic show. 5-5 stars forsure.

    1 month ago
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